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Run To Me


Autumn Markham was broken. Unlucky in life, unlucky in love and needing a fresh start, she set her sights on new beginnings; taking with her two golden rules: don’t ever lie to her and don’t ever break a promise. She had been there, done that. And as Jade Morgan, those rules would never change.


Dane Jordan is returning from a three-year absence; his sole intent to discover who’s been embezzling from his corporation.  Money makes people greedy. Women make men fools. He had been there, done that. But when she walks into a meeting one Tuesday morning, his theory of been there, done that? Well, he hasn’t done this.

Golden rules? Some rules are made to be broken, aren’t they?


Is omission really a lie?


Run To Me is a full standalone and introduction to the Crew series, filled with romance and hard knock lessons that prove:

1. Love is often thicker than blood.

2. It is all about the lyrics.

3. Rap really does rhyme with crap.

Wicked Lemonade



CC Caldwell, the woman from the nude beach. I was never supposed to see her again. She was my secret. A pleasant memory stored in my dreams, my thoughts, my fantasies. She left a lingering hunger for a little bit more, like lemonade leaves a thirst for another sip on a hot summer’s day. She was an angel that I had touched, just once, until….  I found out I could touch her again.



So, my mysterious stranger was going to remain a mystery. The Adonis from the beach. He only wanted to know what it was like to touch a beautiful woman again, and I was there for him. Three years later and I can still feel his hands on my body, the heat from his touch. I can still taste the drink I savored afterwards.

What was in that Wicked Lemonade?


Though able to be read as a standalone, Wicked Lemonade is the second book in the Crew series and it is highly recommended that it be read after Run To Me.

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Find Another Hero


Just Make Sure He Can Dance


Who struts into a funeral playing music at full volume?

Who dances like nobody’s watching?

Sassy, bold, beautiful, and the perfect sum of crazy.

She’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

Who is she?  She’s my Sherrie.

She just doesn’t know she’s mine…yet.



We’ve all heard the saying “life gets messy.”

Meet the housekeeper.  That would be me.

Nobody knows just how messy my life is.

And Nate Gordon would only make it messier.

He will leave eventually…they all do.


Sherrie and Nate take you on a ride with a bit of melon and gonad squeezing, an anatomy lesson, and the perfect limericks dedicated to the men in these ladies’ lives. A guaranteed HEA to warm your heart and tickle your...fancy.


Find Another Hero is the third and last in “The Crew” series. While able to be read as a standalone, it is highly recommended it be read after Run To Me and Wicked Lemonade in order to relate to and experience all the ups and downs these ladies have to offer.

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Tell Me Why, Jannie

She was his "Jannie", the very air that he breathed; his everything. And when he needed her most, she left as if he meant nothing. Why is she here now? 

Five years after being abandoned by the love of her life, Jana Cooper is returning home. She's not arriving alone though. Her travel companion is a spunky four-year-old who is the spitting image of the man who shattered her dreams. The man who left her a note stating, "I wish you the best". 

"Tell Me Why, Jannie" is a heartbreaking romance that takes you from where it all began to the very end, as well as giving you the creamy filling in the middle...a little like an Oreo cookie. Eat the whole's calorie free. 

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The Fresh French Connection

Hello. I’m Sebastian Chambers.

I live an on-and-off life. I get on, she gets off, and I get fast as I can. I love women – generally over me or under me – but commitment?  Never.  I’m a devoted friend, loyal to a fault, and I’m killer in the courtroom. Those are my commitments.

She thinks I’m redeemable, lovable. She’s so young, so innocent…so untouchable.

Oh, Nina. You have so much to learn…and so much I want to teach you.


“The Fresh French Connection” is the sequel to “Tell Me Why, Jannie”. While it can be read as a standalone, it serves best as dessert to the first in the series.


Old Farts and Pop Tarts

After four years in the music industry, Millie Trinkett has come to a conclusion. If she has to manage another boy band, one of two things will take place:

    1.    Life imprisonment for strangling them in their sleep or,
    2.    Loss of her sanity due to factory produced music resonating in her dreams night after night.

Pleading with her uncle Morty to assign her adult musicians to manage for the next tour, she’s quickly reminded of the adage “Be careful what you ask for”. When he assigns her a reunion tour for the five-piece rock and roll band “Fourplay”, Millie learns that adult doesn’t always translate to mature, nor does it necessarily translate to old farts.

She also learns a whole new lesson: Jumping to conclusions is not good exercise.
Join the gang on a cross country trip for an adventure that is guaranteed to keep you laughing, make you hum, and want to wear a do-rag.

Don’t fret . . . you can leave your hat on.

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Saari, Not Sorry

What if there were another you?

Another half you were not aware of . . . yet others were?

A life lived by someone who looks like you, but isn't you?

And that's only the beginning of the story . . . and the complications.

Saariella Hayes moved from California to New York with high expectations and a dream.

Liam Jenkins was a handsome and dreamy, unexpected bonus.

The dream turned into a nightmare, which in turn brought about a reality that shatters her world.

While crazy friends and grumpy bodyguards help her pick up the pieces, only the man she loves can help her put them back together.

A fun filled and steamy romance with the always promised aha! moment and a guaranteed HEA.

Recommended for 18+ audiences.

The Chauffeur

Sam Connors is haunted. He’s scarred and bitter. Years in the military left him with memories revisited in his nightmares, and every morning when he looks in the mirror. His nightmares are a reminder of tragedy, lost lives, and the faces of those who never came home. His morning view in the mirror is a reminder of what will never be.

He has one memory that haunts him most: a voice. The voice of an angel encouraging him to wake up, to heal, to move on. So real. They told him it wasn’t real; it happens to comatose patients all the time – drug-induced dreams that have no rhyme or reason.

That voice never visits his nightmares though. It’s reserved for rare pleasant dreams, providing the comfort needed for peaceful slumber.

If he only knew who it belonged to.

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Manipulation 101

Code of Ethics


When secrets are revealed, the resultant fallout is inevitable devastation. 
It always is when you can’t have what you want most.

A team of Navy SEALs, a widow, and a psychopath.
What could possibly go wrong?
Ask the Belgian . . . or the ghost. 
It is true: dead men really can talk.

Jaxson Callum

Former Navy SEAL, now construction company owner. When his construction crew is hired to remodel a home for a woman and her dog, questions abound when circumstances run amok.
Why does she feel so familiar? They’ve never met, yet she stirs something so deep inside him it feels like a memory.

How can he ache for something he’s never known?
How can life be so cruel as to take it away once he’s found it?

Can a team of undercover Navy SEALs protect the women from Shockemall, Tennessee, and conceal their identities in order to finish a mission they’ve been committed to for the last three years?

Can the women from Shockemall, Tennessee, tame this team of construction workers while keeping secrets of their own?

“Manipulation: Code of Ethics 101” is a standalone meant for adults due to language, situations, and a few toe-curling blasts of steam. So, if you’re under the age of 18 and reading this beneath the covers, let it be known the author is wagging her finger at you right now.

Somebody's Someone


A gripping story of the heroes who get their hands and hearts dirty performing the jobs that must be done . . . but most wouldn’t dare to do.

With a chip on her shoulder and a score to settle, forensic scientist Everlee Remington returns to her hometown to take matters into her own hands. She has given the Hasselback PD ample time to solve her brother’s murder to no avail.

With no other means to access the evidence, she takes a job with the very people who let her down; one more than the others. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who he was. She only remembers the promise he made that night: “I’m not going anywhere”.

Famous last words from the man in the ambulance.

Detective Deacon Gray has struggled to bury his memories of Everlee Remington. His biggest regret is walking away when he should have stayed. Now that she has finally come home, his goal is to ensure she never leaves again.

Follow Everlee’s journey to find justice for Jonah as she fights a growing attraction to the cocky detective, and how along the way, she goes above and beyond to assure dignity for victims; determined to prove that everyone is “Somebody’s Someone”.

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